Motorcycle Riding Club

About Us

Welcome to the homepage of the South Jer-Z Riderz Motorcycle Riding Club - an American Motorcyclist Association chartered motorcycle riding and touring club based out of South Jersey. We are a family-oriented, no-attitude club comprised of motorcycling enthusiasts brought together by the common enjoyment of motorcycling. We welcome both male and female cyclists and all makes and models of motorcycle.

As a club, we organize numerous rides and events throughout the calendar year covering destinations from a few hours away to those involving overnight or weekend stays. The rides are generally proposed by any of our over 40 members and participation is always voluntary. The adopted club motto is “Ride to Eat - Eat to Ride,” since our trips always seem to start and end at a diner or restaurant. Most weekends have at least one planned ride, as well as a charity poker run or two, sponsored by any number of local motorcycle clubs. Members simply pick and choose rides based on individual schedules and interests.

If you're looking for a fun-loving, relaxed, diverse group of individuals who love to ride, eat, hang-out, and have a good time, email us at Please include a little information about yourself (motorcycle, experience, interests, etc.) with your inquiry to help us get to know you. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you into the club.

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